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Awards and Certificates

Honors of Shahpar Shoes Company

Through decades, the consistency of successful management vision that considers this company as an effective company that is committed to creating values for the society, has resulted in being appreciated by governmental institutions and NGOs.

Shahpar Shoes Company has received the title “exemplar industrial unit” in 2004, 2006, 2008, 2012 and has been known as the best exporter of the province in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2012. In addition to all these technical and commercial achievements, Shahpar Shoes company has been chosen as “exemplar tax payer”. This shows the company’s commitment to people through payment of tax. Also, Shahpar Shoes has played a very active role in benevolent affairs such as supporting Emdad Imam Khomeini Committee. This is off course the reflection of this organization’s commitment to support poverty-stricken people in society. Being chosen as a “great entrepreneur” in 11th “national production, national honor festival” is another great achievement for this company which is based on supporting national production and entrepreneurship.


As a prospect, Shapar Shoes company is exporting its valuable products outside the borders of the country as respected messengers. Shahpar Soes Company is acting as a successful leading messenger that has raised the name of Iranian producers in the field of business and also has played a very effective role in developing non-oil exports. Today many neighboring countries are satisfied with the quality of our products and in addition, consumers of African countries have preferred Shahpar productions to other competitors. The managers of Shahpar Shoes Company are determined to achieve a key role in new markets.

کارآفرین نمونه در یازدهمین جشنواره تولید ملی افتخار ملی

صادر کننده برتر سال 1386

صادر کننده برتر در سال 1388

واحد صنعتی نمونه در سال 1391

واحد صنعتی نمونه درسال 1383

واحد صنعتی نمونه در سال 1387

صادر کننده برگزیده در سال 1391

واحد صنعتی نمونه در سال 1385

صادر کننده نمونه استان قم درسال 1385

گواهینامه استاندارد 95

گواهینامه بیمه کیفیت محصول

گواهی نامه ISO9001

گواهینامه مالیات بر ارزش افزوده

گواهینامه اداره کار

گواهینامه اداره کار

گواهینامه اداره کار

گواهینامه اداره کار

گواهینامه اداره کار