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Today November 27 , 2022 | Have a good time

5 Men’s Shoe Hacks That Make You Look Taller Instantly


Who doesn’t want to look a little taller? If you are not blessed with a perfect height of 6 feet tall, you will always crave for a few little extra inches. Well, till a certain age your body grows, but beyond that, technically it doesn’t anymore. Complan can’t help you here. So what can? Some shoe hacks that make you look taller! Yes, there are some hacks that can easily make you look taller without compromising on your comfort.

5 Shoe Hacks That Make You Look Taller!

Here, we have curated 5 shoe hacks which can immediately make you look taller than you usually are. You can use any of them, or all of them to increase your social height for a few inches. But, this is not the end. After the shoe hacks, we have some bonus points for you. Hang on till the end.


1. Opt For Formal Shoes With Heels

We understand that most of us love to wear sports shoes, loafers, or flip-flops for daily use. Well, for the daily rough usage they seem fine. But when you have a meeting or any event where you want to look a little taller than you usually are, formal shoes will do the wonders. Also, make sure you choose formal shoes that are pointy, not round in shape.

The sharp pointy edge on a point will bring the needful edgy look to your height. A formal shoe with a 1.5 inch to 2 inches heel can immediately make your height 5’10” to 6’.


Wear Elevator Shoes

2. Wear Elevator Shoes

Recently, elevator shoes have taken the men’s fashion by storm, especially short men. So what are elevator shoes? As the name says, these shoes are specially designed to elevate your height by 2.5 to 5 inches extra. And only the short people can understand how those few inches can bring wonders to them.

These shoes have a special kind of sole which further has a special kind of padding, which helps you to look a little taller. In addition, there’s a very subtle heel that won’t look awkward at all when you are socializing. This kind of shoe is perfect when you want to boost up your self-confidence about your height without prepping too much for it.

This elevator shoes also looks very stylish, so you do not need to compromise on your style at all. Another major benefit of wearing elevator shoes is they help you to maintain a good posture of your body. Having a good and straight posture of your body will anyway make you look taller. As most of the men shrink a little down. This is one of the best shoe hacks that make you look taller.

3. Lifters Or Insoles

There are loads of people who are insecure about their heights, who aren’t comfortable to socialize at their normal height. It is a possibility that you are surrounded by tall friends and you feel extremely low of yourself. Well, not anymore. With this hack, it will ease most of your pain immediately.

There are lifters or Insoles which helps you to increase a few inches in your height. Suppose, you increase a good 4 inches using an insole. 4 inches will definitely make a significant difference in your height.

Here, you do not need to buy a new pair of shoes or the so-called elevator shoes! This insole will make your current shoe inclined from within. There’s thick padding in the sole which will make any of your shoes, an elevator shoe. How cool is that? One of the best shoe hacks that make you look taller.

Yes, one thing to remember. You should always get shoes that have a little extra space at the ankle area, so that when you use the insole and wear the shoes, it doesn’t look like your ankles are at discomfort, of hanging outside. That’s it.

4. Wear Thick Cushioned Shoes

It is not possible to wear formals everywhere. You will also need to chill at some events or days of life and you will prefer normal shoes(mostly casuals) that are mot yelling ‘I am here for a meeting!’. However, that would have not helped you with increasing your height before, now there are shoes that are very heavily cushioned from inside.

The thick layer of the cushion provides a lot of major benefits, and that is why you should get one asap! Firstly, it helps you to increase your height by 2.5 inches to 3.5 inches. Secondly, it provides a cream level of comfort to your legs. Such a level of comfort is any day appreciated with the biggest value of increased height. Thirdly, the cushion helps your back to stand straight with the right posture.

With the right posture, one person can anyway look taller than the average men of India, as they are always a little crumpled at their spine. So the thickly cushioned shoes are the ultimate benefits package. Also, as a bonus point, they are very fashionable. If you are even a little fashion-freak, high chances that you will fall head over heels for the shoes.

5. Use Shoes With Short Neck

Amidst so many shoe hacks that make you look taller, this one is the most subtle one yet very important. People usually go for shoes which are high-neck. It’s okay for the tall people but however, when you being a short person wear a high neck shoe, it hides more space of your leg, which makes the visual of you being short.