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Today November 30 , 2022 | Have a good time

9 Reasons Your Shoes Look Cheap

In this article of shahpar, we want to talk about the reasons why shoes seem cheap.

Although women don’t like following the herd, they love following the fashion trends. And in the process, they tend to ignore the fact that sometimes, less is more. It so happens that even the most expensive clothes and accessories look like they were borrowed from a thrift shop. As is the case with some expensive shoe brands.

Not all expensive footwear make our feet look classy and sassy. See, you don’t really have to spend a lot in order to look like you spent a lot, right? If you’re one of those who shops everything on a shoe-string budget, then this article is your holy grail.
The key to buying budget-friendly footwear and still look like a million bucks is to understand what exactly makes a shoe look cheap and gaudy.
Now, help us school you about all those tips and tricks that you can look for to check the box with a green tick or cross it out with a red “x” on your pair of shoes. Read on.

1. Steer Clear From The Shine And The Sparkles

Dresses decorated with beautifully cut crystals or a line of shimmery embroidery can make you look drop dead gorgeous. But, when it comes to shoes, it’s a big no-no. We’ll tell you why.

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Firstly, the crystals used on the shoes aren’t all sturdy, they might drop off after a few uses. Secondly, exposure to dust, sand, mud, or water might ruin the shine of the crystals, making your shoe look like it’s from the dinosaur era.So, what can we do to add bling to our footwear? If you have a thing for all things shiny, including your shoes, opt for metallic shades.

2. Step Away From Those High Platforms That Reach The Sky

Be it color coordinating every piece of your outfit or sporting too many prints when you go overboard with anything, it’s bound to make you look like a clown. Platform heels are good, but if they are way too high, they will just make you look funny. Your legs will end up looking like the hooves of a horse, and it will also make your body’s posture slightly weird. Pick small platforms or just opt for the classic heels instead.

3. Going On A Colorful Walk

We love matching everything with our outfit. Be it our dress, the nail paints, earrings, lipstick, or even our shoes. Instead of looking like a box of paints threw up all over you, stick to a single color (or a maximum of two colors) when it comes to your shoe colors. Don’t go for a rainbow-colored shoe or a heel that will remind you of your watercolor paints palette. Too many colors in a shoe will make it look cheap.

4. Move Away From The Metallic Shoes

Metallic elements in a shoe will make you look very cool. But way too many spikes or other metal elements will make it look like your shoe landed from the Transformers world. A couple of rivet details is good on your boots. Remember that too many metallic elements on your shoes will make it look low-priced and like it was stitched together in a garage.

5. Pick The Right Patent Leather Shoes

A pair of patent leather shoes will surely give you the gloss you need. But, if you want your shoes shining, opt for suede or matte shoes in neutral colors like beige, black or white. That should be patent enough for a shoe.

6. Be Wary Of Wearing Animal Prints

if you have a liking for everything wild and if you are enticed to buy that pair of shoes that has a leopard print on it, we’re telling you not to.If you are totally a sucker for wild prints, then opt for unusual animal print patterns. Tone down the wildness in you.

7. Distance Yourself From The Discomfort Of Your Shoes

We wear footwear to walk comfortably, right? Even if it’s your dream shoes, don’t buy it if you aren’t comfortable walking in them. Wearing uncomfortable shoes will affect not just your gait, but will also affect your back, knee joints, and your overall leg-health.

shoe look cheap - shahpar

Sometimes, what seems to be right in the fashion world can be totally wrong for your health. Always remember that comfort needs to be a priority. Uncomfortable shoes can be very expensive for your health.

8. Take Care (Of Your Shoes)

Just like how we dry clean our dresses, wash your footwear (or make others do it). We need to take care of our shoes, too. Wipe them clean after every use (this will also help you maintain footwear hygiene), and repair them if needed . How you can look after your shoes depends upon the material of your shoes. Always understand the material and then take care of them accordingly. Dirty footwear can also lead to smelly feet.

9. Don’t Go For Faux

Faux leather which is eco-friendly is great. But a large number of famous stores, unfortunately, sell boots and shoes made of faux leather. Such footwear looks very cheap and is known to wear out quickly. So, if you ever decide to buy footwear made of faux leather, choose the low-level ones. Or just go for the genuine leather ones.
They say shoes are one of the first things people notice in each other. You definitely want to put your best foot forward to impress people, right? Make smart purchases to make even a filthy cheap shoe look fancy and swanky.