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Today November 30 , 2022 | Have a good time

Footwear Advice: 5 Characteristics of Good Shoes

SHOES may be the most important part of an outfit.​

It is estimated that in an average lifetime, we use our feet to walk the equivalent of five times the circumference of the earth. Yet we rarely give our feet — and our footwear — much attention beyond aesthetics.

Shoes may be in fact the most important part of an individual’s attire, as no other article of clothing must fit so precisely and perform critical mechanical functions such as transferring body weight.

Aside from immediate foot discomfort, inadequate or incorrect footwear may lead to problems with the lower legs, knees, hips and lower back.

In addition, falls – which can have dire consequences in the elderly – are most frequent among those with poorly fitting footwear.

Good shoes are:

There are many characteristics to a good shoe. Typically, price isn’t a factor as a good shoe may be cheaper than an inappropriate shoe, and famous brands are not a guarantee of a quality shoe. You should check if the shoe has the following features.

Footwear Advice: 5 Characteristics of Good Shoes

Footwear Advice: 5 Characteristics of Good Shoes

1. Adjustable

There should be an adjustable strap such as laces or Velcro which allows for adjustment depending on an individual’s needs.

2. Stable

The shoes’ heel support/heel cup should be soft and stable, preventing vertical or horizontal heel movement.

3. Roomy enough

There should be sufficient room (both width and depth) at the front of the shoe for your toes. During normal walking your foot both spreads out and lengthens up to one centimeter in each direction. Therefore, you should pick a shoe that is longer than your longest toe by about the width of your thumb.

4. Max 2.5cm (1 inch) heel

The shoe’s heel must not exceed 2.5cm in height. Otherwise, the heel and ankle become more unstable and thus prone to sprains and forefoot pain.

5. In good condition

Monitor your footwear and discard shoes that are too worn-down, as these have often lost some of their basic functions. Continuing to run in worn-out running shoes increases the stress and impact on your legs and joints, which can lead to overuse injuries. It is suggested that a pair of running shoes should be changed every 500 to 650 kilometers (300-400 miles).

5 Reasons to buy quality shoes

It’s easy to think that buying cheap shoes will save you money, but that’s just not the case. Here are 5 money saving reasons why you should buy quality shoes:

Give the best impression

quality shoes

quality shoes

Carefully constructed, quality shoes can look very different from cheaply-made equivalents. People judge each other by what they wear, and by their shoes in particular. It’s worth investing a little extra to project a more refined image to the world.

When you go for a job interview, give a presentation, or meet a prospective client, your appearance will be noticed. The impression your shoes give combined with your talents, can make a big difference to your income.

I’m a great believer in the saying Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.


quality shoes

quality shoes

Quality leather shoes are usually easier to clean and polish than cheap synthetic versions. Faux leather uppers will crack over time, and there’s nothing you can do to stop this.

If you keep your leather footwear polished regularly, they can last for many years. Just make sure you invest in shoes you love that won’t date quickly.

When you buy quality shoes, you won’t need to purchase as many pairs, and you’ll spend far less.

Better for your feet

quality shoes

quality shoes

Shoes that give you blisters can cost you a fortune in first aid products. Some brands of blister plasters cost as much as £1 per plaster!

Quality leather linings in your shoes can help to prevent foot odour and unpleasant things like athlete’s foot. They’re also very comfortable to wear.

If you buy quality shoes which fit well, you’ll make fewer trips to the chiropodist. When you’re paying around £30 per chiropody session, it pays to buy shoes which don’t give you corns.


quality shoes

quality shoes

Well-made shoes are usually easier to repair than cheap moulded footwear. It makes better financial sense to resole your favourite boots than to buy a brand new pair. It’s also much better for the environment.

We develop a bond with our well-loved pairs, and it’s difficult to part with them. Quality shoes can have a longer life, especially when pampered by a cobbler now and then.

Confidence boosting

When you buy quality shoes, you invest in your own self-esteem. Feeling good about how you look makes the difference between having a great day, and an OK day.

Uncomfortable shoes can distract you from the important things in life, work and play.