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Today April 1 , 2023 | Have a good time

What Shoes Should I Wear with Dungarees?

Dungarees are a classic 1990s fashion choice that have started to make a comeback over the last few years. And it’s quite clear why – they’re comfortable, practical and look cool when worn right. Knowing how to style them without appearing dated, looking like an overgrown child or the third Super Mario Brother is key to pulling off this vintage outfit.
From choosing the right shirt to picking the perfect pair of shoes, looking good in dungarees relies on the items you pull together from head to toe. To help you decide what shoes to wear with dungarees, check out our ultimate dungarees style guide.

Shoes to wear with blue dungarees

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Canvas pumps or leather trainers for a casual, everyday style
A trusty pair of heeled sandals, court shoes or mules for a more professional or high-fashion look
Blue denim dungarees are the traditional choice and usually pair well with most outfits. Their versatility makes them a quirky, vintage alternative to your favourite pair of jeans and are a go-to look for many people who love wearing dungarees. Depending on the style of shoe you choose, you can wear your blue denim dungarees for a cool, relaxed look or something a little more dressed up.

Shoes to wear with black dungaree

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A pair of black sandals to create a glamorous evening look
White trainers to finish off a casual monochrome outfit
Block-coloured heels to add a pop of colour for an edgier style
Black dungarees, like black skinny jeans, are fast becoming a staple of any fashionista’s wardrobe. Create a sense of Parisian style by putting together a timeless, monochrome outfit with your black dungarees, a white or striped shirt and classic leather jacket.

Shoes to wear with khaki dungarees

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Tan heeled sandals for a fabulous summer party look
Tan loafers or mules for a more casual look for running errands
Khaki is great for summer and autumnal outfits. The earthy tones complement your summer tan and work well with an autumnal colour palette. Add more natural coloured clothing and accessories to complete a down to earth summer or autumnal look. Depending on the accessories and shoes you choose, you can create a stylish leisure outfit or something a little more eye-catching.

Shoes to wear with white dungaree

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White sandals for a summer gathering
White peep-toe boots for cooler evening looks
A pair of block colour heels to add an edgy pop of colour
Another popular summer choice are white dungarees. The all-white look is hugely on-trend and has been for the past few summers. This bright, clean look is perfect for attending parties or running errands in the warmer weather. Throw on a pale or cream long-sleeved top or jacket with your dungarees on chillier days.

Shoes to wear with short Dungaree

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Trainers or canvas pumps for casual day-to-day errands
Sandals for a summer or party outfit
A statement pair of wellies to keep your legs and feet dry at a muddy festival
Short dungarees come in a range of colours and materials, which largely dictates what shoes you should wear with them. Denim dungarees create a laid-back look for warmer days, while leather-look dungarees appear fantastic at parties and evening events.
The key to making your dungarees look cool is in the accessorising. Keep your look toned down and let the dungaree do the talking. As a quirky, vintage fashion item, they draw a lot of attention, so going too crazy with your footwear could be too much. Stick to simple, classic designs that complement the rest of your outfit.