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Today November 30 , 2022 | Have a good time

The reason is the bad smell, and the ways to eliminate it

Everyone wears socks in the cold seasons. Do you know why you should wear socks at other times of the year? To prevent bad smells in your shoes and feet.Bad odor due to the effect of bacteria or fungus on the skin’s old cells. Your skin cells are renewed every 28 days, that is, the old cells are removed from the skin and the new cells are replaced by them. If you do not wear socks, the old cells that are separated from the skin will remain in your shoes, and the bacteria or mushroom on them will cause a bad smell in your shoe. But by wearing socks, these cells remain in the socks and disappear by washing the socks.Foot-causing bacteria grow on the moist skin much better and faster. So, before wearing socks, pour some special powder on the soles of your socks and feet to keep the skin dry, preventing the growth of bacteria (this powder is sold in the pharmacies as a powder for scent of feet).Change your shoes every three days to dry in that gap.Also, you can use a perfume and antiperspirant foam to help you kill the odorant bacteria. But if you get itching after taking it, wash it off with soap and water.