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Today November 30 , 2022 | Have a good time

Why Is Good Footwear Important During Pregnancy?

In this article from shahpar, we discuss the importance of choosing the good Footwear during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, your feet swell just like the rest of your body. Water retention in the body will only add to this swelling. Also, the rise in upper body weight puts pressure on the knees, ankle, and feet. Thus, good quality shoes suitable for maternity can help relieve some of the pain. A good pair of shoes can prevent pain in the hips and back and eliminate the risk of slipping or tripping   over

What Makes For An Ideal Maternity Footwear?

Consider the following features when choosing shoes or sandals during pregnancy.

Slips on easily on foot without you having to bend.

Big in size to accommodate your growing feet.

Provides good arch and ankle support.

Any pair of shoes fulfilling these qualities can prove to be a good choice.

Types Of Maternity Footwear

Good Footwear Important During Pregnancy


Pregnancy footwear is not different from regular footwear except for the size and comfort level. Pointed heels are a big no-no during pregnancy. However, a pair of shoes with a two-inch heel should do no harm as long as it is not pointed.

These are some of the different types of flat and comfortable shoes that soon-to-be mothers can opt for:

Casual shoes: Regular closed-toe shoes without laces are great options if you are looking for comfort.

Sneakers: Athletic shoes are perfect for every girl when it comes to comfort wear. Sneakers with extra -flexible rubber outsole and  soft rubber insole make walking comfortable.

Boots: Stretchable boots with a wide calf can be comfortable during cold winters. And they look fashionable as well.

Sandals: Sandals keep the feet fresh and allow the skin to breathe. A sandal is great to wear during summers.

Crocs: Crocs are lightweight, comfortable, and easy to clean.

Loafers: These are low-heeled shoes that not only provide comfort, but also look great.

Canvas shoes: These shoes do not trap moisture, and so they keep your feet dry and comfortable. You can opt for these when spending time outdoors.

Shoe shopping during pregnancy can be frustrating because your feet swell up and contract frequently. It is always advisable to opt for shoes that are stretchable and can accommodate this frequent change in feet size.