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1- What types of shoes do you produce?

Our products consist of men, women, boys and girls’ footwears in different types such as natural leather shoes, PU and EVA sandals and slippers, rubber wellington boots, safety shoes and solders boots.

2- What are the most common colors of your shoes?

Men’s natural leathers are mostly black, brown and honey color and among women’s natural leather shoes, colors like crimson, green, cream and red are also found.

3- What types of products are not covered by warranty?

Upper part of natural leather shoes, EVA products, sandals and slippers are not covered by warranty. For more information you can refer to Warranty Terms.

4- What are the conditions to become your representative or sales agent?

Representatives should provide 300,000 USD and sales agents should provide 200,000 USD bank guarantee. For more information please call central sales office.

5- What is the difference between a representative and sales agent?

In fact, a representative becomes one of the sales offices of the company and have to sell the products of ShahparShoes Co. solely (and of course will have some advantages over a sales agent) but a sales agent can sell up to 30 percent of other brands.

6- What are the conditions for wholesalers?

Payments for first orders must be done before shipment. After a period of cooperation if the wholesaler askes for cheque payment or any non-cash payment, checking account and two referees should be provided to the company and credit of non-cash payment would be analyzed. Cooperation will be based on the credit after that.

7- How can I apply for a job at Shahpar Shoes?

Upload your resume in employment page of the website. You will be contacted within a month if there be any vacancies.

8- What is the shipment method for different destinations?

Orders made in Iran are shipped using national forwarders and international orders are shipped using international freight forwarding companies according to the destination.

9- What kinds of leathers are used in upper part of shoes?

Upper part of leather shoes, PU slippers and sport shoes are made from different materials such as natural or artificial leather and suede.

10- What are the materials used in shoe sole?

PVC, PU and TPU are the materials mostly used in shoe soles.

11- Do you export your products to other countries?

Yes, Shahpar Shoes is exporting more than 50 percent of its products to other countries.

13- How is it possible for an organization or a company to buy your products?

Organizations and companies can contact B2B department of central sales office of Shahpar Shoes to be informed about organizational offers.

14- What standards and certificates Shahpar Shoes has succeeded to gain?

– National Iranian Standard for Producing Safety Shoes
– Certificate of Center of Research and Education of HSE, Ministry of Labor
– Certificate of Power Research Center for High Voltage Electricity Insulator Safety Shoes
– Quality Insurance Certificate of Iran Insurance Company
– Quality Management Certificate ISO 9001 from G-CERTI company