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Warranty Terms

Terms and conditions related to dealership agents and sales agents and unconditional replacement warranties


1 After purchasing the goods from the sales offices of the company and sending and delivering them to you, if before you use the product by the consumer, you will have to inform the visitor of the cooperation with the manufacturer about any form and quality problems in the product, and the product is defective ( If you have a box, with its box containing information and QC indicators, refer to other products and coordinate with your partner’s visit.

2 Please do not dispose of cartons or boxes of Shaper shoe products because it contains the codes associated with packaging and quality control “QC” and, by declaring the QC code of the defective product and product, to help as soon as possible eliminate the defect of the desired packaging line. Get

3 It should be noted that a defective new and unused product should be replaced within 15 working days after referral to the factory and if you do not get a substitute after 15 working days (without reckoning the holiday), call 025 32425200 Follow up.


Terms and conditions related to consumer products Shahpar shoe products and warranty replacement conditional


Shimper Shoe Shingers Shoemaking Shoe Raises If you use it normally, it has a warranty of six months. Your purchase date must be on the warranty card of the product, and the vendor has signed and signed it.

The following are not covered by the warranty:

1 Impregnated cuisine with a variety of chemicals!

* / It is worth mentioning that the above clause does not include the underwear of Shahpar Shafr Safety Company!

2 Collision of cinematographed products with sharp objects and wins!

3 Cases of improper use of the product, which is the responsibility of the laboratory and the experts of the company to evaluate and diagnose!

4 Do not match the size of your foot with the size of your shoe does not include warranty, please be careful when buying!

Dear customers, Shaper products are made from the finest natural and industrial leather but do not include warranties and warranties, but we have always tried to use the best raw materials or quality leather for the product process. In this regard, the following should be noted: Is :

* / For leather goods, remember to never use solvents such as benzine, thinner, etc. to remove stains or paints.

* / The leather is not completely waterproof. If the 100% waterproof leather footwear is made, its natural properties will disappear, so some leather goods will be damaged and deformed in the face of snow and rain.

Dear Customers If you have purchased a product that is defective and due to the above reasons, it is not guaranteed. We hope that you will be able to use your Shaper products in the future with your next purchases.