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Our Policy

Health in shoe by observing living standards

One of the habitual procedures of Shahpar Shoes Company is to care about the health of consumers by producing shoes which are physiologically fitted to the demand of Iranians. To achieve this, Shahpar Shoes Company has used anthropometry and ergonomics science which has resulted in producing qualified shoes. Anthropometry is the knowledge of physiological dimension and ratios of population of a folk or a country. That’s why producing shoes based on observing these dimension is considered special for every folk or country. On the other hand, stresses and pressures would always influence the people’s bodies. To prevent these stresses and to improve these pressures, Shahpar Shoes Company uses the knowledge of ergonomics. One of the most important abilities of Shahpar Shoes Company is designing and producing shoes according to people’s job and their lifestyle and achieving the title of Iran standard for safety shoes approves this ability of Shahpar Shoes Company.