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Today November 27 , 2022 | Have a good time

Our History

Firmness in an unstable world

Every morning, as sun rises, the struggle for living starts. Gazelle and panther know that they must be fast, eagle flies above all, and chameleon knows that hiding is the only way to survive. Every sunrise is the beginning of a breathtaking competition circle of life. In this world of struggle and unsteadiness, huge and strong rhinoceros has stood firmly on the stage of survival by relying on its inner strength and self-esteem. This power comes from its long living experience through the period full of ups and downs. Having a glance at this unstable world, we will find rhinoceros making the best way through it. For rhinoceros, living is a joyful experience, because it’s integrated with its strength and confidence.


Emersion and development of Shahpar Shoes Company

In 1334, while the speed of modernization in the field of productivity was increasing in Iran, Haj Mohammad Molla Aghajani (peace be upon him), understanding the condition of his society and noticing the increasing needs on consumers, started the production of shoes of high quality and quantity under the name of “Shahpar Shoes” and the symbol of “Rhinoceros”. This name and symbol has a remarkable position in the mind of Iranian. Today, Shahpar Shoes factories, has merged sixty years of experience of producing shoes with deep knowledge of market and consumer’s needs to produce 30000 of different kinds of footwear a day and that’s why Shahpar Shoes has changed to an untouchable company. It seems difficult or even impossible to compete with the products which are marked with “Rhinoceros” symbol for other producers and so that exitance of this brand seems guaranteed.