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Today November 30 , 2022 | Have a good time

Best Pregnancy Shoes of 2021

Best Pregnancy Shoes of 2021

You know you need to buy new maternity clothes to accommodate your growing body during pregnancy — but did you know you may need new shoes as well?

You probably expect your feet to swell when you’re expecting, but you also need good footwear to provide stability and support as your weight increases and your center of balance shifts.

To make sure you stay comfortable and prevent injury, you need to choose the right shoes. But functional shoes don’t have to be ugly!

Do I Need Different Shoes for Pregnancy?


First, your feet will grow — up to half a size during pregnancy — and this change may be permanent . Your old shoes may be too tight and uncomfortable as your pregnancy progresses.

Your feet will swell, too. Water retention is common during pregnancy, and especially after a great deal of use your feet and ankles may swell. Restrictive footwear might quickly become difficult to put on if this happens to you.

How to Choose the Best Shoes for Pregnancy

When choosing shoes to wear while pregnant, try to keep the following things in mind.

  • Slip-on:Slip-on shoes are a pregnant woman’s best friend. Not only do they allow swollen feet to get in and out easily, but you don’t have to figure out how to bend over and tie them.
  • Rubber soles:Rubber is a fantastic shock absorber and can help alleviate some of the joint discomfort associated with pregnancy. They also provide great grip which can help you avoid slips and falls.
  • Low heel:A low heel offers more stability than a high heel, and more support and protection than ballet flats.
  • Arch support:To prevent foot pain, choose a pair of shoes with good support in the arch, which is in the center of the bottom of your foot.

The Best Shoes for Pregnancy in 2021

Here are our all-time favorite shoes for pregnancy.

1. Skechers Sport Empire Sneaker

Best Athletic Shoes for Pregnancy

Best Pregnancy Shoes

These sneakers are super fashionable, and you don’t even have to lace them up. They’re designed as slip-ons and even have air-cooled memory foam inside to help you stay comfortable.

The midsole has built-in shock absorption, and the uppers are flexible enough to accommodate feet that may or may not be swelling. And the non-skid sole will help to prevent slips, keeping you safe and upright whether you’re working out at the gym or just hanging around your house.


    • They have shock absorption.
  • Convenient slip-ons so they won’t take forever to put on.
  • They have a super comfortable memory foam sole.
  • The uppers are flexible.

2. Vionic Women’s Fitness Shoes

Best Slip On Pregnancy Shoes

Best Pregnancy Shoes

These shoes have an orthotic insert included helping keep your feet happy, healthy, and comfortable. The upper is made from breathable mesh, which will allow the shoe to “give” a little if you need the room while still offering adequate support.

The sole is made from rubber to help keep you from slipping, and it also provides shock absorption to alleviate the stress on your joints.

And finally, the slip-on design means you won’t have to figure out how to bend over and tie your laces.


  • It has a rubber sole.
  • It is a slip-on.
  • It has an orthotic insert.


  • They run large.
  • They can only be hand washed.

3. Tom’s Women’s Classic Flats

Best Pregnancy Shoes for Swollen Feet

Best Pregnancy Shoes


These shoes are great for your swollen feet during pregnancy because they don’t have a restrictive ankle, allowing ample room for them to expand if need be.

These tend to run a bit large anyway, and the canvas material has a lot of give, keeping your feet comfortable as your swelling goes up and down, depending on the day.

They have a non-skid, synthetic sole to help prevent slipping. And even though they’re called “flats,” they do have a supportive insole with arch support to help prevent the bottom of your feet from becoming fatigued.


  • They are slip-ons.
  • Your purchase helps a charitable organization.
  • There are many color options available, in a chic, minimalist style.


  • They’re not available in wide sizes.
  • The canvas may stretch and lose its shape over time.
  • Some women find they wear down pretty quickly.

4. Crocs Women’s Swiftwater Sandals

Best Sandals for Pregnancy

Best Pregnancy Sandals

Crocs have quite the reputation — for incredible comfort paired with incredible ugliness. Thankfully they’ve expanded their line and now have these new sandals which happily combine both comfy and cute.

The design will accommodate a swollen or expanding foot, and the rubber sole will keep you safe from slips. Added traction will also help keep you upright, and a foam cushion will keep your feet comfy.

The contoured foot offers adequate arch support, and the low heel holds your foot in a proper anatomical position.


  • Waterproof so that you could take them to the beach.
  • They have great traction.
  • Slip on easily.
  • They have cushioning.


  • Not available in half sizes.
  • The uppers are made of a plastic/synthetic material, which might aggravate the skin.

5. Aerosole’s Women’s Ballet Flats

Best Dress Shoes for Pregnancy

Best Pregnancy Dress Shoes

These have memory foam in the footbed to keep your feet from aching after a long day. They have a wide, low heel that provides some shock absorption and keeps your foot in its proper position, helping to prevent joint pain.

Made from textiles and synthetic materials, they may not be as flashy as the shoes you used to wear, but there are still several different cute designs to choose from.

You can jump back into those heels after the baby comes — but for now, you might want to stick with conservative footwear to preserve your comfort.


  • Memory foam in the footbed.
  • It absorbs the shock of impact when walking.
  • Very low, comfortable heel.


  • Some reviewers found that they rubbed.
  • They run a little small.


6. Propet Travelfit Slide Walking Shoe

Best Arch Support Shoes for Pregnancy

Best Arch Support Pregnancy Shoes This shoe combines the comfort of an athletic shoe with the ease of a sandal. The slip-on design allows you to put them on hands-free, but the adjustable laces will help to ensure a snug, custom fit regardless of whether your feet have swelled up or not.

The upper is full-coverage and offers your foot support and protection. They’re also breathable to keep your foot from overheating when you wear them. Finally, they’re lightweight but still offer good arch support to help prevent joint pain or injury.


  • Breathable so that you can wear them in hotter weather.
  • They’re lightweight and will pack easily.
  • They have great arch support.
  • Slip-on style so you won’t need to bend over to put them on.


  • They don’t offer ankle support since they’re completely open at the heel.
  • A long, narrow shoe, which might not work for some foot shapes.

7. Orthofeet Orthotic Sneakers

Best Pregnancy Shoes for Back Pain

These shoes were specifically designed with foot-related pain and medical conditions in mind. The orthotic insole includes a gel pad at the heel along with fantastic arch support to minimize stress and back pain.

They also have air pockets under the feet to help with shock absorption, and theBest Pregnancy Shoes for Back Pain uppers were designed to minimize pressure points.

While they do come with traditional laces, you can always swap them out for the elastic no-tie versions they sell for kids, so you don’t have to bend over and tie them as your belly grows.


  • Designed primarily for foot health.
  • They offer ankle support.
  • Great arch support.
  • They absorb shock while walking, which makes a big difference to joint pain.

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