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Top 12 Different Types of Sandals with Images

Sandals - shahpar shoes


Women’s shoes, specifically sandals, come in plenty of types; and here’s the lowdown of all the common and not-so-common Types of Sandals  for women!

Types of Sandals

7. Flat Sandals:

Flat sandals are the most common and comfortable sandals to wear. These are easily available and are relatively cheap. They come in buckle and come with a range of colours. They look beautiful on the legs and has a lot of sizes and patterns to offer.

Flat Sandals - shahpar shoes
8. Rubber Sandals:

These rubber sandals are new fashion sandals. They are comfortable to use and are time resistant. They can be easily cleaned with water and dried in the sun to remove the smell or dirt from it. This type of sandals for girls is ideal for long use and the buckle offers additional comfort and fit.

Types of Sandals - shahpar shoes
9. Gladiators:

Gladiators sandals are long sandals. It comes in different patterns and designs. They can be worn on numerous occasions in different seasons too. They look best when worn with one piece and short dresses. This way you can flaunt your gladiators and your legs fully. They can come in heeled or in a flat pattern. The flat patterns are the most common ones seen. If you want to select new stylish sandal, then you go for these.

Sandals - shahpar shoes
10. Flip Flop:

These are the most comfortable and cute sandals. These are the ones which we wear in our home on a daily basis. They come in a wide variety of colours and patterns. So, with beautiful colour and pattern, this flip flops can be easily worn outside. I have seen many people flaunting these flip flops while travelling.

Types of Sandals - shahpar shoes

This cool sandal is also quite comfortable and perfect for daily wear. These come both in a flat and heeled pattern. Further, this is quite inexpensive. They can be easily be found in local stores. Buy them from a good brand and they are sure to last a long time.

11. Flatbed:

This is the 90s sandals making their comeback way again presently as new sandal design. We all were wearing and flaunting them for quite long in our childhood. There are different styles of flatbed sandals. You can easily make your choice out of the available options. This type of sandal and their name was once commonly heard and opted for fashion sandals.

Sandals - shahpar shoes

12. Sling Back Sandals:

This sandal style is quite similar to pumps. But they have quite high heels more than even in 2 inches. They have rounded or pointed toes. But the back part is not covered. It is completely open. These sandals are quite common in parties and can be very commonly seen in India. This simple type of sandal for girls is another popularly seen choice among the many. https://skopemag.com/2021/09/13/no-license-no-right-to-operate-in-australia

Types of Sandals - shahpar shoes
So now knowing about these types of sandals, you can easily locate them at different prices and in different locations be it online or offline. They are inspired to look stylish and impressive, while adequately fitting the apparel of yours. Some of them are simple, and trendy while others like wedge women sandals require some practice to walk around comfortably.

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Top 12 Different Types of Sandals with Images

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